The charcoal grills are perfect for smoking, the main thing is to keep the temperature even and add chips on time. Weber’s chefs shared step-by-step instructions on how to do exactly what you need to do to perfectly bury your food.

What is smoking?

Smoking is a method of cooking meat at very low temperatures. Typically used for smoking chips or chips of deciduous trees, as well as logs for smoking (in our stores you can find a full range of products for smoking on the grill).

For smoking choose brisket or ribs, as the smoking process destroys the fat and connective tissues, so the meat turns out gentle, juicy, with a smoky flavor. In order to learn how to smoke with a regular charcoal grill, we need to learn how to adjust it so that the grill keeps the temperature constantly low.

Setting up the grill for smoking

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A good charcoal grill is primarily intended for cooking steaks and hamburgers at extremely high temperatures. That’s why extra work and practice, as well as vigilance, are required to create an optimal low temperature inside the grill!

The first step towards smart smoking is the right location for coals and meat. For perfect smoking, we must achieve a fairly low temperature. You can do this by creating a two-zone indirect fire. You can do this by putting charcoal on one side of the grate and meat on the other side.

So, open the smoke flaps, let the charcoal burn until it is covered with grey ash and put it on one side of the grill. Then place a disposable aluminum tray on the opposite side of the grill and half-fill it with water.

What do we need water for? Firstly, water will help collect the extra fat that will escape when you smoke, so you don’t have to wash the grill long. Secondly, water will help stabilize the temperature inside the grill. Thirdly, as the water evaporates, it adds moisture to the grill, helping to keep the meat juicy.

Once the coals and the water tray are in place, you can add chips for smoking and wait until it starts to smoke. Now it’s time to bring the grill temperature to the right level.

How do I keep my temperature low?

One of the reasons why the air in the grill becomes as hot as possible is air circulation: the more air the hotter the fire gets. Therefore, for the smoking process to work properly, it is necessary to restrict the air access to the grill.

To start the gradual reduction in temperature, you must close the lid on the grill and close the upper and lower air outlets completely. Then open the air vents by 1/3. From high to medium or medium to low, the temperature will drop quite quickly. And to desirable 100C – 85C the temperature will fall rather slowly.

As soon as the temperature drops to 100C, you can put the meat on the grate far away from the coals. Close the lid of the grill and half-open the upper air outlet, so that the smoke flowing through the meat will be kept for a short time.

Going to a low temperature is quite easy. It’s much harder to hold it. If you’re just learning how to smoke on the grill, you’ll need to watch the fire almost continuously to keep it at the right temperature (by the way, if your grill doesn’t have a thermometer – check out ours).

You should check the temperature approximately every 15 minutes during the whole smoking process. To control the temperature, use the lower air vent. If the temperature rises, it should be closed and opened when the temperature falls.

Tested and proven in our showrooms: the Kamado Joe grills (Kamado Joe) are great for smoking any meat, all equipped with temperature control thermometers and air restriction flaps. We also offer more budget charcoal grills, Weber. After all, no matter what you’re cooking on, you’ll get great, juicy smoked meals sooner or later.










  • 1. Soak in water the number of chips you need for at least 30 minutes. If you use wood for smoking, you do not need to soak it.
  • 2. Start by filling the starter with a third or half carbon briquettes, ignite them and wait until they are fully ignited.
  • 3. Pour burning briquettes on the grill grate on the sides of the grill or use the coal separator trays. Place a disposable aluminum tray in the center of the grate between the briquettes. With this arrangement of the tray and the coal, you will create an indirect heat zone directly above the tray.
  • 4. Then pour 2-3 cups of water into the pallet. This is important because the water helps to keep the temperature inside the grill even and wraps the food in hot steam, which keeps the meat juicy even during long-cooked times.
  • 5. Close the grill with the lid and leave it warm enough for 30-60 minutes. The correct temperature for smoking will be indicated in the recipe of your choice, which you can easily find on our website.
  • 6. Throw directly onto the burning briquettes one handful of chips pre-soaked in water for smoking or a few pieces of wood for smoking.
  • 7. Then place your dish in the middle of the griddle, right above the pallet, and close the lid.
  • 8. It may take an hour or more to cook (this will be written in your chosen recipe), so be prepared to add charcoal or briquettes to keep the heat going if necessary.